Delivering the promise of personalized medicine

Born from the discovery of powerful genetic markers that influence a person’s response to antipsychotic medications, SureGene™ provides insights critical to improving antipsychotic and behavioral health treatment decisions.

Insights for antipsychotics you’ve never had until now

SureGene™ is a powerful method for improving response rates to antipsychotic drugs and reducing hospitalizations, adverse events, and treatment costs. Our antipsychotic efficacy markers have effect sizes nearly twice the size of the most effective drug on the market.1

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Clinical utility.
Delivering on the promise of personalized medicine.

SureGene™ informed antipsychotic treatment has achieved clinically meaningful outcomes, through endpoints directly measured per genetic targets, SULT4A1 and GLP1R, in clinical trials:

Improved Drug
Increased Durability
of Drug Response
Avoidance of
Adverse Events
Reduced Risk of

Bring personalized medicine to life

Finally, a tool to support safe and effective medication decisions for each of your patients.

SureGene™ is indicated for patients eligible for antipsychotic medications at the following key decision points:
Initial Medication Selection

For drug-naïve patients or patients who are not currently on medication

Medication Change

Poor efficacy, tolerability, or patient satisfaction with existing medications

Severe Treatment Failure

Exacerbations of psychosis, especially those that lead to hospitalization

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We research with a passion

“Our lab has a mission to discover, develop, and validate genetic tests that deliver exceptional utility to address the most challenging clinical issues of our time.”

– Dr. Heather Fehling, Ph.D., CLSp(MB), TS(MD), HCLD/CC(ABB),
Managing Director of Personalized Medicine /Laboratory Director

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SureGene Report

The SureGene™ test report provides actionable information regarding the implications of the SureGene™ genetic test on drug response propensities, specifically including:

  • Drug choices that reduce the risk of hospitalization in some patients
  • Likelihood of clinical response to certain drugs
  • Drugs with increased risk of adverse events
  • Drugs that may benefit from dose adjustments

The SureGene™ report, and much more, is available through the SureGene™ Portal.

As with any laboratory test, SureGene™ should not be used as the sole means of treatment decision making, and should be regarded by the ordering physician as adjunctive to the overall patient management strategy. Genotyping results do not eliminate the necessity to account for non-genetic factors that can influence dose requirements for, or responses to, medications that are metabolized by these enzyme systems. Drug-drug interactions that lead to enzymatic inhibition or induction may lead to altered metabolism. Results should always be interpreted in context with the comprehensive clinical picture and all co-administered medications.