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Welcome to the CRL Insurer Services blog. From big data and insurtech to accelerated underwriting and self-service products, the world of life insurance is moving at an unprecedented pace. We are confident that mortality data and insurance industry capabilities will continue to evolve, and seek to provide relevant expertise and updates to our valued clients.

As we continue to provide lab, data, and underwriting services through the CRL Insurers Business Unit, we look forward to sharing updates with you here. Check out the latest posts below from our dedicated team of medical directors and industry leaders, who provide commentary on timely topics, innovative services and solutions, and the existing database of CRL expertise.


Polypharmacy Now Available

July 7, 2020

An Important Tool for Improved Risk Selection CRL is pleased to introduce a new polypharmacy laboratory test to aid insurers… Read More

Tags: Lab Tests, Life Insurance, Mortality, Polypharmacy, Underwriting

Smart Score®: A Transparent Algorithm to Improve Mortality

June 30, 2020

Life insurance underwriting is, arguably, the most successful implementation of predictive analytics ever developed. One need only look at the… Read More

Tags: Algorithms, Life Insurance, Mortality, Risk Analysis, Underwriting

Mortality of BMI and Other Measures of Body Morphology

June 19, 2020

Body mass index (BMI) purports to be a measure of adiposity (body fat), and its association with mortality and cardiovascular… Read More

Tags: Body Image, Fat, Life Insurance, Mortality, Muscles

The Mortality Association of CEA in an Insurance Population

June 9, 2020

In a recent Journal of Insurance Medicine article¹, Drs. Rigatti and Stout used data from over 300,000 individuals who had… Read More

Tags: Cancer, Doctors, Life Insurance, Mortality, Underwriting

PSA Values & Mortality Risk: Coverage Considerations

June 2, 2020

What to do about an elevated PSA value that is newly found on insurance screening or under “active surveillance”? We… Read More

Tags: Cancer, Life Insurance, Mortality, Prostate, Underwriting

Step Count: A Consideration for Life Underwriting

May 14, 2020

How much exercise does it take to be preferred and how can we measure it? The doctors at CRL published an article in… Read More

Tags: Fitbit, Fitness Tips, Life Insurance, Mortality, Underwriting

Kidney Function: What to Do with an Isolated Finding of Low eGFR

May 7, 2020

Estimated glomerular filtration rate, or eGFR, measures kidney function based on a calculation utilizing serum creatinine, age and sex. Occasionally a… Read More

Tags: Internal Medicine, Kidney Disease, Life Insurance, Mortality, Risk Assessment

The Value of the Electronic Lab Slip

April 28, 2020

Learn about our electronic lab slip products including eSlip and SecureSlip, and why you should implement digital workflow automation today. … Read More

Tags: Automation, Data Security, Laboratory, Life Insurance, Mortality

COVID-19 Research Updates & Resources: April 22

April 22, 2020

As COVID-19 continues to be top of mind, we are committed to serving our customers and understanding the virus. There… Read More

Tags: Coronavirus, Covid 19, Covid 19 Crisis, Laboratory, Molecular Diagnostics

Obesity Data & Mortality Risk: What to Know

April 16, 2020

Unfortunately, our waists are still getting bigger and so is out mortality risk. More than half of United States adults… Read More

Tags: Bmi, Life Insurance, Medical Research, Mortality, Obesity