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Case Studies

CRL & Artel Case Studies

Discover how Artel technology played a critical role in CRL’s exceptionally fast development and scale-up of a saliva-based SARS-CoV-2 assay to meet the unprecedented testing need.

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Download the eCase study: “Protecting Data Integrity and Quality Assurance in Times of Crisis: Technologies Essential to SARS-CoV-2 Sequencing – A GenomeWeb eCase Study Transcript”

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DISA Case Study

We sat down with Brendon Brown, Vice President of Internal Operations at DISA Global Solutions, Inc., to learn about their drug testing partnership with CRL.

A: We were using two different solutions for synthetic drug testing and neither was meeting our clients’ expectations. We learned about CRL’s offering, which was about three years ahead of other available testing and included much broader panels. At that point, the decision was clear.

A: Yes, CRL has accommodated every request. They are the leaders in the industry in supporting the needs of their clients. CRL’s support staff is available at every level, all the way up to their CEO. The entire team has over-delivered on every promise and exceeded all expectations. We are very pleased with the relationship and look forward to the years ahead.

A: One of DISA’s larger clients recently adopted an oral fluid testing program with custom configurations as a requirement. CRL was the only lab provider able to provide the correct configurations. As a result, we were able to deliver the services our client required, which gave us a distinct advantage and positioned us to win the business.

A: It is our practice to monitor the chain of custody and associated performance metrics closely to optimize our business operations and deliver timely results to our clients. Our relationship with CRL began primarily with exotic tests such as synthetics and oral fluid. These screens generally take longer than basic urine tests. Despite the fact that the majority of our screens fell into that category, their turnaround time was superior to all other labs in our network. Because of their exemplary performance, CRL is now DISA’s primary laboratory. CRL doesn’t get enough credit in the industry for reliability and system performance, including uptime and consistently reporting tests. If they anticipate delays, they always notify us.

“CRL makes sure their customers are at the center of their decision making. It is crystal clear. We share a vision for the future, and we look to CRL to make us better and help us get there. It is a fantastic relationship.”

Brendon Brown, Vice President of Internal Operations