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Core Values

Underpinning all of our partnerships, is our passion and commitment to care for every sample you entrust to us. It is who we are and it is what makes us so much more than “just a lab.”

“Our hearts are in this, we serve the life behind each sample.”

Tim Sotos, Chairman

Our core values guide us toward this purpose. They are the deep roots of our growing company.

We endeavor to . . .

  • ... fulfill our clients' individual needs,
    creating customized solutions and
    providing them a competitive advantage.

    Client Focus

  • ... be generous, empathic,
    considerate, and kind in our
    interactions with others.


  • ... dedicate ourselves
    to helping each
    other do our best


  • ...adhere to a code of ethics that
    promotes confidence and trust.


  • open and accommodating
    in our actions and decisions.


  • ...stay the course until
    we achieve success.


  • ...exhibit and exceed the
    highest standards of excellence
    in every aspect of our lives.


  • ...enhance lives through scientific
    contributions, technology, and good
    deeds, without considering self interests.

    Service to humanity

  • together to achieve common
    goals and a meaningful purpose in
    our lives, and the lives of others.