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Hepatitis B Core IgM


  • Health Assessment and Safety
  • Serology/infectious Disease

General Information

Name Information
Matrix:Serum/ Plasma
Application:Insurance Risk Assessment, Wellness
Turnaround Time:Daily
Analytical - Method:IgM capture immunoassay using a 2-step format
Reportable - Test Results Type:Qualitative
Units - Conventional:Index Values

Specimen Information

Name Information
Minimum Volume:15µL
Preferred Volume:25µL
Rejection Criteria:

• Do not use specimens with obvious microbial contamination. • Samples are free of bubbles or foam. • Samples are free of fibrin or other particulate matter. Remove particulates by centrifugation. (example: 1500 x g for 10 minutes; follow tube manufacturer’s recommendations)

Collection Instructions:

See “Blood Collection”

Collection Patient Preparation:NA
Container:Serum, EDTA plasma, lithium or sodium heparinized plasma are the recommended sample types for this assay