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Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Neutralization


  • Health Assessment and Safety
  • Serology/infectious Disease

General Information

Name Information
Matrix:Serum / Plasma
Application:Insurance Risk Assessment, Wellness
Turnaround Time:Daily
Analytical - Method:principle of specific antibody neutralization
Reportable - Test Results Type:Qualitative
Units - Conventional:Index Value

Specimen Information

Name Information
Minimum Volume:200µL
Preferred Volume:500µL
Rejection Criteria:

Do not use specimens with obvious microbial contamination. The performance of the ADVIA Centaur HBsAg assay has not been established with cord blood, neonatal specimens, cadaver specimens, heat-inactivated specimens, or body fluids other than serum or plasma such as saliva, urine, amniotic fluid, or pleural fluid. The following general recommendations for handling and storing blood samples are furnished by the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards, and augmented with additional sample handling studies using the ADVIA Centaur HBsAg assay

Collection Instructions:

See “Blood Collection”

Collection Patient Preparation:NA
Container:Serum, potassium EDTA plasma, and lithium or sodium heparinized plasma, are the recommended sample types for this assay Specimen Collection.