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Lactate Dehydrogenase


  • Chemistry

General Information

Name Information
Turnaround Time:Daily
Analytical - Method:Roche enzymatic
Reportable - Test Results Type:value quantitative
Units - Conventional:U/L

Specimen Information

Name Information
Minimum Volume:0.3 mL
Preferred Volume:0.5 mL
Rejection Criteria:Hemolyzed specimens. In connection with certain diseases (e.g. hepatopathy, diseases of the skeletal muscles, malignant tumors), the LDH-4 and LDH-5 isoenzyme portions are increased and unstable in cooled and frozen samples. This may lead to an incorrect LDH value in samples collected from patients suffering from such diseases.
Collection Instructions:Clot for 45-60 min. @ room temp. Centrifuge at 1300 G for 10 min. at room temp. Transfer serum.
Collection Patient Preparation:fasting
Container:SST - Collection Light protected Transport tube