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Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone, DBS


  • Chemistry
  • Health Assessment and Safety

General Information

Name Information
Matrix:Dried Blood Spot
Application:Insurance Risk Assessment, Wellness
Turnaround Time:Daily
Analytical - Method:Sandwich principle
Reportable - Test Results Type:Quantitative
Units - Conventional:uIU/mL

Specimen Information

Name Information
Minimum Volume:200 µL
Rejection Criteria:

Improper labeling, improper sample handling, and wrong sample type.

Collection Instructions:

Follow instructions provided with kit. 1. Drop 4-6 large rounded drops of blood in to the collection window of the ADX-100 card. 2. Blood will be absorbed into window and will begin to flow across the filter paper. 3. Do not touch finger to the card.

Collection Patient Preparation:NA
Container:Dried Blood Spot on ADX-100 Card