A passion for life, lived well

70 percent of all illness is lifestyle-related, and 50 percent of all medical costs are associated with detectable, preventable illness.

Routine screening matters, and CRL wellness strategies provide the structure required to make a difference. Some employees are motivated by a caring employer. Some employees need to be reminded to make healthy choices and a structured program to help them commit. Some employees need a wake-up call. Regardless of mindset, CRL’s wellness strategies engage employees, providing them the insights needed to improve their own well-being and overall health.

Employer motivation is clear. Employees mindful of wellness drive better outcomes at all levels of your business.

The heart of wellness, laboratory analysis

Laboratory testing is our legacy. It’s how CRL began nearly 30 years ago, and we are exceptional at it. It is also the most accurate method for determining health status. CRL assesses a wide range of chronic and acute conditions that aid in the development of specific action plans. We have a proven track record of finding diabetes, early stages of prostate cancer, high-risk lipid profiles and other chronic conditions. CRL’s multidisciplinary culture makes us a nationally recognized leader in laboratory science. A true partner, we will help you navigate the multitude of workplace wellness strategy options and work to create the program that meets your specific needs.

Flexible Collections Options

The gold standard for greater insights

Only with greater insights are better outcomes possible. Venipuncture blood evaluations offer comprehensive, customizable analysis of health status. Tests commonly included in venipuncture collections include:

  • Lipids: Detects increased coronary risk through determining total cholesterol, HDL, LDL ratios and triglycerides
  • Chemistries: Assists in finding diabetes, liver damage, anemia, hepatitis, kidney diseases and more
  • Prostate Specific Antigen: Aids in the early detection of prostate cancer
  • Complete Blood Count with Differential: Focuses on the immune system, including white blood cells, red blood cells, hemoglobin, hematocrit and other related factors
  • Serum Cotinine: Useful in determining employee population tobacco use
  • TSH: Assesses thyroid gland function
  • Homocysteine: The newest independent cardiac health marker; studies have shown that an elevated homocysteine level is a risk factor for atherosclerosis

Our National Clinic Network of over 1,400 locations and on-site biometric screenings, make collections convenient for all participants.

Browse our wellness tests

Wellness is all encompassing. With biometric screenings, so are we.

At CRL, we know our screenings can truly transform people’s lives. We focus on each and every participant, ensuring that their screening experience is a positive one. Seamlessly planned and executed biometric screening events and multi-site coordination ensure that employers’ wellness experience is positive too.

CRL recognizes the importance of customization in delivering quality wellness programs. With flexible service options, we will meet your unique needs, whether they include efficiently managed and staffed screenings, custom reporting options, expert medical review of abnormal results, intervention solutions, or a combination of these.

Health Assessments

Building on the truth of lab analysis, health assessment tools provide employee awareness of manageable health risk factors and lifestyle habits. A variety of customizable assessments are available both in paper and online formats.

Intervention & Management

Modifying risky behavior is vital to reducing healthcare costs. CRL and our partners provide effective behavioral change strategies for all individuals.