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Meet Your Global Team

20+ years and 4,000+ global clinical trials and counting. The integrity of our global central laboratory services shows in our commitment to helping people gain access to medicine they need. Now, and for generations to come.

The Best of all Worlds

Operating global clinical trials through best-in-class integrated laboratory partners enables CRL to provide superior services to our clients. Like CRL, our regional laboratories are privately owned and highly invested in their scientific mastery. Our global network provides regional knowledge, scientific expertise across diverse specialties, and operating efficiencies unmatched in our industry.

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Laboratory testing is our specialty

The single source for your testing needs. Our menu ranges from routine safety testing to the highest complexity molecular diagnostics and biomarker analyses.

On time, on budget and always to your specifications

On time, on budget and always to your specifications

We aspire to complete every project on time with a greater than 90% success rate. The key to bringing your study to successful completion is in collaborative management. We consult with your team extensively to establish clear requirements and ensure all participants understand their roles and responsibilities from the very start. Proactively managing throughout your study ensures project milestones are met. Our subject matter experts are always accessible to address your needs, offer solutions, and share our experience.

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A partner in all aspects of your study

A true partner, we listen to your needs and incorporate them into supportive tools and standardized processes that scale globally. We achieve the greatest operational efficiencies available through a study specific blend of global and local resources. This translates to lower transportation and supply costs, while gaining the security that comes with global stability.

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