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Data Management

We believe each and every sample is a life entrusted to our care, from the onset of a trial through database lock. As a result, we provide leading data security combined with nimble sharing. During study initiation, we consult with your data management team to determine your data specifications.

  • Study database is set up according to sponsor-defined specifications
  • Study data is transferred to the sponsor or a third party at agreed intervals to meet your timelines
  • Delivery schedules can be adjusted as your project progresses
  • Data formats are translated to sponsor specified formats according to sponsor EDT specifications


Our proprietary web-based application, OASIS, provides full oversight to each sample collected in your trial, regardless of collection time or location. This unique system provides trial leaders and investigators with immediate access, anywhere and anytime, to real-time data pertaining to your study, including:

woman smiling on her laptop at kitchen table

  • Patient results
  • Analytical trend analysis
  • Management reports for tracking progress & compliance
  • Sample tracking
  • Queries