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Now, for the first time in the industry, insurance carriers have a toolset to rapidly match
applicants to the most appropriate policies.

Greater insights

At our core, we are committed to discovering risk selection insights that drive better policy decisions. We harness the universe of data, in all its forms, and use it to improve your analyses — and your bottom line.

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Better outcomes

At every point in the process, we help you engineer around the applicant. We know that when carriers focus on each individual applicant, better outcomes are realized at all levels. Reduced cycle time, lower IT burden and better ROI are byproducts of our relationship.

The CRL insurability toolset

A lot goes into managing each applicant within a scalable workflow, from the time of application to delivering a policy decision. We automate the process and integrate with carriers at every turn.

AccessMyLab is a secure, mobile, technology solution that was built to invite life insurance applicants to view and interact with their biometric screening and laboratory data. As soon as results become available, the AccessMyLab platform provides seamless on-demand access after a few clicks or keystrokes from any internet-connected device. AccessMyLab is available to participating life insurance carriers.

Serum and urine samples are retained for five weeks from date of receipt to allow for additional testing to be requested. Additional tests may be ordered through OASIS® or by contacting Customer Service by e-mail at insurancecs@crlcorp.com. Results of the additional testing are reported via normal reporting channels within 24 to 72 hours.

CRL and APPS have developed ASAP™, a critical web-based tool for submitting images and case information to an insurance carrier’s home office. Quality controls are built into the process so that applications are delivered In Good Order. We provide the flexibility to meet your technology needs by providing ACORD or proprietary connectivity in order to ensure that your start-up efforts are minimal.

Timely and efficient receipt of exam documents can be accomplished by instructing the examiner to forward all exam documents to the laboratory with the specimen. When the documents are received at the laboratory, CRL will scan the documents and deliver them via a secure connection and by posting them to OASIS®. If you are not yet ready to receive imaged documents, paper copies can be sent via overnight courier.

Upon receipt of signed authorization from the applicant, a copy of a report completed for one carrier may be duplicated (copied) and reported to additional carriers. Duplicate reporting saves you time and money, saves your applicant from an unnecessary needle stick and provides you with the same information a previous carrier was looking at when considering an application. Requests for duplicate reports should be submitted to Customer Service by fax at 913-492-8880. To streamline the process of ordering duplicate reports, you may wish to have a Blanket Authorization in place with CRL. For additional information contact insurancesupport@crlcorp.com.

Kit orders may be placed by contacting Customer Service by fax at 913-492-8880 or by email: ilscskits@crlcorp.com. Please indicate your company name, complete address, phone number, fax number if ordering by fax, the quantity and the type of kit. Order confirmations will be returned by fax or e-mail within the same business day if the order is placed before 3 p.m., next business day if after 3 p.m.

Clients who order agent-collected oral fluid kits can receive a kit tracking report that details the number of kits shipped, the location the kits were shipped and the number of kits returned from each location. Tracking kit usage on either the office level or individual agent level helps the carrier identify and control kit waste. For additional information on kit tracking, please email insurancesales@crlcorp.com.

Carrier-defined parameters allow Motor Vehicle Requests (MVRs) be triggered automatically when samples arrive at CRL ensuring MVRs are available at the earliest possible time. MVR information is available in an easy-to-read format and provides up-to-date motor vehicle record information to insurance carriers.

Our staff are experts at point of sale (POS) underwriting. We leverage that expertise to understand your product parameters and risk assessment guidelines, and then work closely with you to design an effective process that will get your product to market quickly, extend your distribution capabilities, and reduce overall service time, while maximizing the productivity of your sales force.

  • All interviews are recorded for legal purposes and quality assurance review.
  • Authorizations are secured through voice signature, allowing immediate collection of evidence and risk assessment.
  • Underwriters are available real-time to review MIB and other data.
  • Decisions are tendered at the end of the POS interview process.

If you need a test performed that is not part of your routine testing, is not listed on OASIS, or is not a common test, please contact Customer Service for assistance at insurancecs@crlcorp.com.

Monthly and quarterly management reports provide statistical information on selected testing performed on your applicant population. In addition, ad-hoc reporting for information not contained in the management reports may be completed upon request.

When a case requires ECG review, your turnaround time doesn’t have to be affected. Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) offers Swift Screen, an ECG review service you can order along with your applicant’s laboratory testing.

Asking all the right questions is an art — especially when speed and quality matter. Our trained team of licensed health and life professionals, based in the U.S., interacts directly with applicants to complete the application process. We can complete the full application, or focus exclusively on the medical portion (i.e. Part II).

  • Our Medical Directors and Underwriters can consult with you on best practices to tune your application for the tele-application process, including offering recommendations on the construction of reflexive and drill-down questions.
  • All interviews are recorded for legal purposes and quality assurance review, and Authorizations are secured through voice signature, allowing for immediate collection of MIB, Rx and MVR, while the interview is being conducted
  • Inspection services or an APS can be ordered reflexively based on responses provided in the interview.