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FormFox Screening

Electronic Screening Solutions. Powered by FormFox.

Our comprehensive suite of FormFox-powered solutions was developed to meet the specific needs of employers, laboratories, TPAs, and MROs, among others. We automate the process with solutions designed for each phase and role within the employability continuum.

Electronic CCF
and So Much More

FormFox offers a complete, integrated suite of workflow solutions. The rapid adoption of FormFox as the industry’s preferred solution for electronic custody and control forms (electronic CCF) has simplified the screening process and facilitated quick, secure information exchange across a network of over 3,500 sites. And we haven’t stopped there. The FormFox Product Suite addresses the complex, variable processes found in our industry while meeting the unique needs of each participant, with ease and scale. Our technology seamlessly connects those who participate in workplace screening programs, including employers, collectors, laboratories, TPAs and MROs to critical data and to one another. Improving quality, increasing efficiency, and ensuring compliance of screening programs with Smarter Workflows is our way of helping to ensure workplace health and safety
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Screening programs don’t have to be a hassle. Electronic integration and workflow automation improve quality, increase efficiency and ensure compliance. Our FormFox-powered tools address the complex, variable processes found in our industry while meeting the unique needs of each employee, with ease and scale. The result is higher returns and greater satisfaction for all participants.

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Clinic Services

FormFox Flex™

Instrument Interpreted Rapid Urine Screening Device

The FormFox Flex™ Urine POCT screening device is a rapid, instrument interpreted, one-step screening test for the detection of multiple drugs and drug metabolites in human urine. This reliable, convenient, and cost-effective device screens up to 14 drugs with adulterants in minutes.



A single source, electronic platform that delivers greater visibility, transparency, accuracy, and efficient reconciliation and payment for services. The Marketplace brings buyers and providers together in an efficient and economic manner of ecommerce.

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Workforce is a client facing product that allows users to interact with our FormFox software suite of services. Ordering services, event tracking and statusing, image repository and result reporting are all available through Workforce. Additionally, Workforce provides Random Management tools to support both Fixed and/or Consortium programs. Our tools are designed to lead in best practice around Regulated program monitoring.

Workforce is a role-based application with a 3-tier hierarchy allowing the Portal Owner (master) to establish access levels for your clients based upon their role(s).  Workforce also allows for site branding to include company logos for a customized appearance.  Visit us or click the link to get a demo for more information.


Client Experiences

“I love using this system - it makes my life a lot easier. Cuts down on the time I spend doing collections.”
Trent AllredCollector
“I like the paperless factor of FormFox. I also love the idea of not having to fax copies of chain of custodies.”
Lisa MillerCollector
“We at New Era Drug Testing have been using FormFox services to provide our clients with
drug screening. FormFox is fast and efficient and eliminates all mistakes. We are very happy
with the program.”
Danny YagubyanCollector

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