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Employer Services

Keeping your workplace safe, productive, and free from substance abuse starts with an effective testing program. As a true partner, we help you choose the right solution to meet your program objectives, through a variety of testing platforms and dynamic test menu, protocol implementation, and workflow automation. We will work with you to create the program that meets your specific needs.

Testing Capabilities

Redefining Employability

In today’s competitive marketplace, your employees have a significant impact on your business. Opportunities to maximize the potential of your workforce exist at every turn with every employee. A partnership with CRL positions you to seize these opportunities and maximize our employability solutions within your organization at every phase.
Employment Application
Pre-Employment Testing
Employment Decision
Ongoing Employee Programs
Workflow Automation

Integrated Employability Screening

Screening programs don’t have to be a hassle. Electronic integration and workflow automation improve quality, increase efficiency and ensure compliance. Our FormFox-powered tools address the complex, variable processes found in our industry while meeting the unique needs of each employee, with ease and scale. The result is higher returns and greater satisfaction for all participants.

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Featured Screening

FormFox Flex Urine POCT

Instrument Interpreted Rapid Urine Screening Device

Screens up to 14 drugs with adulterants in minutes!

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Reaching Higher
for Those Who Hire

CRL helps employers and their administrators focus on the opportunities for each employee through the use of integrating electronic workflows and testing solutions that scale to meet the holistic needs of each business. Our toolset supports all phases of the process through a unique modular approach, enabling our client partners to customize a solution to meet their specific program requirements.


  • DOT Testing
  • Non DOT Testing
  • Oral FLuid Testing
  • POCT Testing
  • Clinical Blood Testing
  • Dried Blood Testing
  • Speciality Testing
  • Electronic Custody & Control Forms
  • Electronic Event Management
  • MRO Facilitation

Testing Supplies When and Where You Need Them

CRL is pleased to announce a new online self-service Fulfillment Center for order placement. This new platform offers 24/7 access for order placement of regulated and non-regulated drug testing forms and supplies, ensuring order accuracy & rapid delivery, so that everything’s in place for your employee when they arrive for testing.


Client Experiences

“CRL makes sure their customers are at the center of their decision making. It is crystal clear. We share a vision for the future, and we look to CRL to make us better and help us get there. It is a fantastic relationship.”
Brendan BrownVP of Internal Operations - DISA Global Solutions

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