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AccessMyHealth® is a secure, mobile, technology solution that was built to invite participants to view and interact with their biometric screening and laboratory data. As soon as results become available, the AccessMyHealth platform provides seamless on-demand access from any internet-connected device.

View Your Lab Test Results Securely and Conveniently

  • Convenient: Receive a text notification when results are available for viewing.
  • Informative: Receive an interactive report for reviewing health results, including how to improve and test definitions.
  • Accessible: A two-factor authentication process offers quick, secure access to results from any internet connected device.
  • Flexible: Save, print, and share your results.

3 Easy Steps

  1. Complete exam and provide mobile number for notification.
  2. Text notification sent when lab report is complete.
  3. Click website link in text to verify identify and access report.

CRL is committed to ensuring your data is protected via the industry’s latest security measures. Keeping lab results secure online is one of our most important responsibilities. AccessMyHealth® was developed to keep sensitive health information protected and secure while accessible through an intuitive, digital interface.


AccessMyHealth® LifeAge® Calculator

LifeAge is an interactive tool that calculates a user’s estimated age utilizing lab results and other provided health information combined with Clinical Reference Laboratory’s mortality research. Using this tool, participants can change values with the easy to adjust sliders to see the potential impact to LifeAge.

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