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Providing outstanding, consistent, and reliable service, we partner with you; becoming part of the solution to various pain points the life insurance industry is experiencing.
Underwriting & Automation

Risk Assessment Tailored to Your Expectations

As you are faced with the pressure for better turnaround times, demanding needs of an enhanced customer experience, making responsible decisions with less available evidence, the continuous flux of volume, retirement of staff, and then are tasked with the innovation of products, process, or tools; allow our professional staff to ease the burden. We will walk alongside you as a seamless resource working within your system, underwriting according to your guidelines and philosophies.

Interview_icon Professional Tele-Interview Associates providing unbiased expertise and enhanced customer-focused experience.  
Quality Assurance Quality Assurance Specialists uniquely skilled in ensuring service integrity is maintained and analyzing processes for possible efficiencies.  
Underwriting Diverse Underwriters with a range of experience allowing for optimal allocation of resources.  
Medical Director Medical Directors supporting a range of services such as EKG interpretation, medical consultations on both a long-term or short-term basis.  
Chief Underwriters Chief Underwriters promoting and providing professional development, innovation, and consultations.  
Management Departmental Management maintaining staff oversight and ensuring enhanced client experience.  

Your Best Underwriter on Their Best Day, Every Day

Imagine a solution built for your products and risk tolerance to meet your unique underwriting specifications. By capturing application information and third-party data directly, CRL PLUS uses your rules to make intelligent underwriting recommendations in mere seconds — saving you time and avoiding underwriting discrepancies. CRL PLUS automates your underwriting process — from application and acquisition of third-party data sources, through decision making and on to the underwriting workbench.


Underwriting Services

Our dedicated team of underwriters have the technical expertise to complete an array of services. Our capabilities include, however are not limited to the following:

  • Full case assessment from submission to final decision.
  • Unbiased underwriting audit expertise from a neutral perspective. We bring best practices to every case.
  • Specific skill sets for accelerated, automated, term, whole, indexed life, impaired risk, and financial underwriting.

Customizable Service Offerings

  • End to End Risk Assessment Underwriting
  • Plethora of Complex Product Reviews: Large Case, Survivorship, Highly Impaired, Term, Whole Life, Indexed products, etc.
  • Accelerated/Automated Underwriting
  • Medical Record Summarization (APS/eHR)
  • Informal Applications including Quick Quotes
  • Unbiased Auditing of processes, products, and/or staff
  • EKG interpretation by Medical Directors
  • Medical Director Consultations

Experience Spectrum

Our staff is comprised of Junior through Senior Underwriting Consultants with an average of over 20 years of life underwriting experience. This diversity in experience permits precision in matching the right skills to your business need.

Call Center


At CRL PLUS, we understand the importance of obtaining accurate and timely risk assessment history and have completed underwriting interviews since 1987. We are proud to be a professional data collection agency and support a variety of models to meet your risk assessment needs.

Tele-Applications Our Tele-Apps are your applications with your specific guidelines. We support the standard Part II application or the Drop Ticket Model completing the abbreviated Part I and all the Part II questions. CRL PLUS has experience completing the applications in the carrier system as well as most third-party platforms.
Phone Inspections Additional information for medical, non-medical and financial elements may be required after Underwriting review. Our Inspection team provides the underwriter with pertinent personal, business and retirement information used to help assess risk and insurability. Take advantage of our library of interviews which includes senior, condition specific, and generic for age and face amounts.

Discover the Difference of Tele-Interviewing with CRL PLUS

  • Experienced teams are knowledgeable in risk assessment having completed an extensive individualized training program specializing in impairment identification & detail acquisition.
  • Focused on developing the most relevant information to your case.
  • Passionate for customer service and quality with a dedicated team to ensure adherence to quality assurance standards.
  • Ensuring reliability for litigation and agent accountability via recorded conversations.
  • Assisting and supporting throughout implementation, our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) are available and provide ongoing review of process and efficiencies.
  • Recognized for organized workflow and queue management.
Data Driven Decision-Making

CRL PLUS Automation

CRL PLUS Automation streamlines your underwriting process. By gathering and processing application information, connecting with various third-party data sources such as pharmacy databases, driving/credit history providers, etc., CRL PLUS Automation navigates through these data complexities applying your rules to make well-informed underwriting recommendations, reduce time service, and ensure precision.

Key Features

  • Automated Application Processing
  • Integration with Third-Party Data Sources (Send/Retrieve)
  • Customizable Rule Sets
  • Efficient Decision-Making
  • Enhanced Accuracy


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