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Insurer Services

At our core, we are committed to discovering risk selection insights that drive better policy decisions. We harness the universe of data, in all its forms, and use it to improve your analyses — and your bottom line.

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We are driven each day to provide useful insights through industry and medical research.
Our Capabilities

Insurance Services

Additional Test Requests

Serum and urine samples are retained for five weeks from date of receipt to allow for additional testing to be requested. Additional tests may be ordered through OASIS® or by contacting Customer Service by e-mail at Results of the additional testing are reported via normal reporting channels within 24 to 72 hours.


ASAP QC Review

CRL and APPS have developed ASAP™, a web-based document quality review tool to facilitate releasing case documents In Good Order to the insurance carrier’s home office via their regular laboratory transmission.


Document Services

Timely and efficient receipt of exam documents can be accomplished by instructing the examiner to forward all exam documents to the laboratory with the specimen. When the documents are received at the laboratory, CRL will scan the documents and deliver them via a secure connection and by posting them to OASIS®. If you are not yet ready to receive imaged documents, paper copies can be sent via overnight courier.


Duplicate Reporting

Upon receipt of signed authorization from the applicant, a copy of a report completed for one carrier may be duplicated (copied) and reported to additional carriers. Duplicate reporting saves you time and money, saves your applicant from an unnecessary needle stick and provides you with the same information a previous carrier was looking at when considering an application. Requests for duplicate reports should be submitted to Customer Service by email at To streamline the process of ordering duplicate reports, you may wish to have a Blanket Authorization in place with CRL. For additional information contact


Kit Ordering

Kit orders may be placed by contacting Customer Service by email: Please indicate your company name, complete address, phone number, the quantity, and the type of kit. Order confirmations will be returned by e-mail within the same business day if the order is placed before 3 p.m., next business day if after 3 p.m.


Kit Tracking

Clients who order agent-collected oral fluid kits can receive a kit tracking report that details the number of kits shipped, the location the kits were shipped and the number of kits returned from each location. Tracking kit usage on either the office level or individual agent level helps the carrier identify and control kit waste. For additional information on kit tracking, please email


Motor Vehicle Reports

Carrier-defined parameters allow Motor Vehicle Requests (MVRs) be triggered automatically when samples arrive at CRL ensuring MVRs are available at the earliest possible time. MVR information is available in an easy-to-read format and provides up-to-date motor vehicle record information to insurance carriers.


OASIS® Online Test Reporting

CRL’s secure online reporting system, OASIS®, enables fingertip access to laboratory reports, detailed test explanations, testing requirements, imaged copies of the laboratory consent form, and imaged copies of other documents scanned at the laboratory. OASIS can also be used to order additional tests.



CRL’s SmartScore is the culmination of many years of research at CRL providing a simple, validated assessment of an applicant's risk based on a single score encompassing all laboratory studies and physical measurements. Through the use of the CRL database and external Death Master Files, the results of each laboratory test have been compared to later mortality for millions of applicants. Based on that research, the risk pattern by age and sex for each test has been published and is available. The risk-based assessment for each test is combined into an even more effective and simpler global risk assessment tool suitable for automation, the SmartScore. Additional information on SmartScore and a SmartScore Primer is available.


Specialty Testing

If you need a test performed that is not part of your routine testing, is not listed on OASIS, or is not a common test, please contact Customer Service for assistance at


Specimen Tracking

Underwriters, examiners and agents can track the status of each specimen using either the slip id (consent number) or the air bill number of the specimen shipment. Visit our Status Tracking System.


Statistical Reporting

Monthly and quarterly management reports provide statistical information on selected testing performed on your applicant population. In addition, ad-hoc reporting for information not contained in the management reports may be completed upon request.


SwiftScreenSM ECG Review Service

When a case requires ECG review, your turnaround time doesn’t have to be affected. Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) offers Swift Screen, an ECG review service you can order along with your applicant’s laboratory testing.

Underwriting Services


CRL PLUS® automates your underwriting process — from application and acquisition of third-party data sources, through decision making and on to the underwriting workbench. Services provided include tele-interviewing, inspection reports, medical record retrieval, and outsourced underwriting.
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