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Dr. Heather Fehling Ph.D.Jan 30, 2020 11:02:00 AM1 min read

Epigenetics White Paper on Technology & Innovation: CRL Doctor Expertise

Dr. Heather Fehling, Chief Scientific Officer of Molecular Diagnostics at CRL, was honored to join the Society of Actuaries Epigenetics Project Oversight Group for their white paper titled “Epigenetics: A White Paper on Technology and Innovation.” Experts from various fields contributed to this research effort in understanding epigenetics and the application of science and technology in the life insurance industry.

Advances in molecular biology are leading to new innovations in underwriting technologies. Epigenetics is an emerging area of research and this paper explores how epigenetics may impact the life insurance industry, and considers the effects of utilizing epigenetic biomarkers for underwriting in the future.

Click here to access the white paper which includes scientific background, the current state of epigenetics in life insurance, and predictions on the future status of epigenetics in insurance.

Thank you, Dr. Fehling, for your leadership and commitment to this emerging research and its impacts on the insurance industry.

About the Author

Dr. Heather Fehling has been with CRL since 2008 and is a certified High Complexity Laboratory Director by the American Board of Bioanalysis (ABB). Dr. Fehling leads CRL’s Personalized Medicine business unit and oversees the Molecular / Esoteric Laboratory. More broadly, Dr. Fehling provides scientific leadership across all business units at CRL with her extensive experience in laboratory management, new assay development, and business development.