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AdminDec 19, 2019 10:47:00 AM1 min read

Welcome to the CRL Insurer Services Blog

From DNA to insuretech to product development, the world of life insurance is moving and will continue to do so at an unprecedented pace. Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) would like to help your teams navigate these new waters by providing commentary and sparking conversation with thought-provoking content.

We are confident that the relationship between mortality and data will maintain importance into the distant future. By understanding this importance and leveraging CRL’s decades-long history of research and data, we aim to provide timely and critical information for our clients and those in the life insurance industry to consider.

A dedicated team of medical directors and industry leaders will provide commentary on timely topics, innovative services and solutions, and the existing database of CRL expertise. Stay tuned for blog posts covering a variety of topics, which will incorporate new data with the plethora of research and thought leadership from our team of experts.

Up first, coming in January: an assessment on the opioid crisis, marijuana laws, and how both are affecting life expectancy in the United States.

As you plan for 2020 and evaluate your capabilities, let the CRL Insurer Services team know if there are topics you’d like to see discussed on this blog. Email us at

About CRL

For over thirty years, Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) has delivered personalized service and customized solutions, while quietly growing to become one of the leading laboratories in the world. CRL’s Insurer Services business unit is committed to discovering risk selection insights that drive better policy decisions, focused on individual applicants, to create better outcomes.