Clinic Collections – specific instructions


1)      Fill out the requisition with the following information:  patient name or identifying number, sex, birthdate, date drawn and authorized person ordering the test.  (Include any additional clinical information that may be available; i.e., fasting status, time of draw if applicable, diagnosis, etc.).

2)      Mark tests ordered by physician or write in under other requests.

3)      Place specimens and corresponding paperwork in shipping container for transport to the laboratory.

4)      Refer to the section on Clinical Profiles & Tests for descriptions of specimen requirements and preservatives if needed.  All clients are supplied with customized specimen collection kits, shipping containers and courier transport.  If the tests ordered are not present in the catalog, or there are any further questions concerning collection, please contact Customer Service or your Account Executive at 800/445-6917.

5)      If additional tests are ordered by an authorized person via the telephone, the laboratory subsequently attempts to obtain a written or electronic requisition within 30 days from the client and/or physician.