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Dried Blood Spot Collection

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Please complete ALL information on the consent/requisition before performing collection. For Insurance testing, make sure the applicant has signed the Notice and Consent & Chain of Custody Statement appropriately AND has signed the security seal at the bottom of the consent.  Read directions for specimen handling carefully.


Fingerstick Collection Instructions

1) Have the applicant wash his/her hands in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry completely.

2) Thoroughly clean site of skin puncture with alcohol swab and allow finger to air dry. Remove collection card from envelope.

3) Puncture finger firmly with lancet near the tip but slightly to the side. It is important to obtain a free flow of blood without excessive squeezing, as this may dilute the blood with tissue fluid.

4) With the applicant’s/donor’s arm slanting downward, palm upright, add drops of blood to the small rectangular section of the card until the strip turns red at the first (dark) line. Do not touch the collection strip in the middle of the card.  Lay the card on a clean, dry surface while placing blood on the card.

5) When the card is filled per above, apply pressure to fingertip with alcohol swab until bleeding stops.

6) Place adhesive bandage over puncture site.

7) Do not attempt to re-cap lancet. Place used lancet in lancet disposal tube, dispose of lancet disposal tube per your company’s protocol. NEVER RETURN A USED LANCET!

8) Allow blood on card to air dry for at least 20-30 minutes. Place card into Blood Sample Return Bag and seal. Place the signed security seal from the consent over sealed end of Sample Return Bag.


Please be sure to include the signed authorization when sending specimens to the lab.