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General Information

Name Information
Code: H035
Test Name, Short: Folicle Stimulating Hormone , DBS
Matrix: Dried Blood Spot (DBS)
Turnaround Time: Daily
Analytical Method: Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay
Reportable - Test Results Type: Quantitative
Units - Conventional: U/L

Specimen Information

Name Information
Min. Volume: 4-6 drops Fingerstick blood
Rejection Criteria:
• Quantity not sufficient, i.e. blood drops do not fill ADx100 collection square
• Clotted specimen due to prolonged collection
• Blood drop placement outside the collection square
• Over saturation of blood in the collection square Or Improper labeling of card
Collection Instructions: See instructions
Container: Dried Blood Spot on an ADX-100 card.
Shipping Temperature: Ambient