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General Information

Name Information
Code: T087
Test Name, Short: RBC Urn
Matrix: Urine
Turnaround Time: Daily
Analytical Method: The iQ200 aspirates samples, collects images from samples using digital image capture of particles presented in a flow microscope, and performs image processing to isolate individual particles.
Reportable - Test Results Type: Quantitative

Specimen Information

Name Information
Min. Volume: The minimum volume of liquid specimen for analysis by both the AX4280 and the iQ200 is 4.0mL. The iQ200 alone requires 3.0mL, the AX-4280 alone requires 2.0mL
Preferred Volume: The specimen volume should not exceed 6.0mL.
Rejection Criteria: Hematuria
• Do not test specimens exhibiting gross hematuria. Specimens with Gross Hematuria should be NSA’d
Collection Instructions: See "Specimen Collection/Urine Collection"
Collection Patient Prep: To collect a routine urinalysis a clean mid-stream specimen should be obtained.
Container: Urine Transport tube with perservative tablet
Shipping Temperature: Ambient