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General Information

Name Information
Code: T154
Test Name, Short: Rubella Antibodies, IGG
Matrix: Serum, Plasma
Turnaround Time: Daily
Analytical Method: Chemiluminescence
Reportable - Test Results Type: Qualitative
Units - Conventional: index

Specimen Information

Name Information
Min. Volume: 500 μL
Preferred Volume: 700 μL
Rejection Criteria: Improper labeling, Improper sample handling, Wrong sample type, Outside of stability, Inadequate specimen volume received, or Hemolyzed specimens.
Collection Instructions: Insurance Collections, Clinic Collections
Container: Fresh serum samples are recommended for analysis. Collect all blood samples in serum separator tubes, observing universal precautions for venipuncture. Allow samples to clot adequately before centrifugation.
Shipping Temperature: Ambient