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AdminApr 28, 2020 11:22:00 AM2 min read

The Value of the Electronic Lab Slip

Learn about our electronic lab slip products including eSlip and SecureSlip, and why you should implement digital workflow automation today. 

Security, accuracy and efficiency: these are critical components of lab testing. The team at CRL is committed to delivering consistent data to our carriers and paramed partners while creating better applicant experiences. Learn about our electronic lab slip workflow which facilitates a digital exam process.

The Electronic Lab Slip Evolution: Paper Recordings to Digital Automation

This process has matured through phases in order to better serve clients, examiners and applicants.

Phase 1 — A Paper-Based System: Kit Slip

  • Historically, paper was used to process lab samples. Examiners overnight paper lab slips and specimens to CRL, where information was manually entered into the CRL system by transcribing examiner handwriting.

Phase 2 — Online Integration with Paper: Zip Slip

  • Zip slips provide partially prefilled forms (via paramed) for examiners to complete during applicant exams. Zip slips are also sent overnight to CRL for data entry — some parts digital from the form, and some parts manual from transcribing examiner handwriting.

Phase 3 — Efficient Digitalization: Electronic Lab Slips

  • Now, a digitally centric system is available. Leveraging paramed software, electronic lab slips are completed on mobile devices and sent immediately to CRL. Significant improvement in the security of Applicant data — removal of NPI in the lab kit, no deciphering of handwriting, and a faster, all digital process for the applicant.
  • CRL has developed electronic lab slip products including eSlip and SecureSlip in partnership with paramedical service companies. Product branding can be customized with each partner.

Electronic Lab Slip Process Snapshot

Below is a high-level description of the electronic lab slip workflow.

Electronic Lab Slip Process Snapshot

Key Benefits of Electronic Lab Slips

1. Secure Digital Experience

  • End-to-end electronic workflows
  • No CRL paper lab slip in the kit shipment
  • Removal of non-public information (NPI) in the kit

2. Accurate Data Entry & Improved Matching

  • Data is pre-populated from the order resulting in consistent data throughout the application process
  • No handwriting to decipher
  • Ability to apply edits while data is being captured resulting in better data quality

3. Efficient & Integrated Processes

  • Paperless forms: paramed exam and laboratory consent
  • Information provided by applicant is reused to save time and prevent double entry

Start Using Electronic Lab Slips Today

If you are interested in incorporating electronic lab slips to streamline and safeguard your testing processes, contact CRL at or your exam company account representative.